About Us

Equipment :
A fleet of over 200 trucks comprises late model trucks, a diverse fleet of vehicles suiting various needs of different customers. Loading and handling equipments are also part of our fleet. We have an efficient recovery network across the region. Backup vehicles are dispatched asap ensuring the least loss of time in deliveries.

Offices / Terminal :
Al Safa Transport has presence in Dubai, Sharjah and Jeddah. The terminal is a 5000 sq. mtr facility in Sharjah Ind Area # 17. The maintenance team is based here with the latest equipment and facilities for vehicles maintenance, servicing and cleaning. Our operations department has extended timings hence ensuring prompt feedback to clients.

Safety / Insurance / Quality :
Al Safa Transport greatly emphasizes on transportation safety. All the drivers have the relevant equipment, i.e fire extinguishers, safety shoes, helmets and jackets. Similarly the workshop is equipped with up to date safety standards also meeting local law requirements.
All the vehicles have hauliers liability cargo Insurance covering Middle East.
All the equipments are routinely services to ensure quality. Drivers are trained in safe driving techniques. The vehicles are regularly serviced ensuring a clean condition for transporting various goods. All our taut liner trailers are equipped with load restraints to minimize any transport damages.

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