Since the past many years. Al Safa Transport has been striving to reduce our carbon foot print. From recycling office paper waste, to using longer lasting fuels. We always try to pass on the final used tires of trucks to retreading firms or shipping companies rather than disposing them.

We have done our best to lead in the trucking firms by implementing new ideas for reducing our environmental impact. For e.g the exhaust tail pipes of the trucks are raised vertically to the trailer roof level. This not just keeps the curtains reasonably cleaner (hence reducing water waste of cleaning them) but also ensures that exhaust gases do not somehow enter the trailers or affect the cargo quality.

Air deflectors on top of trucks contribute to an aerodynamic shape helping reducing drag, consumption and smoke.

Drivers are trained and encouraged to follow economical driving methods.

We are following a policy of acquiring EURO-3 or better year models of trucks to our fleet, eventually replacing the older vehicles also.

Al Safa Transport always welcomes ideas and suggestions for us as a haulage business to reduce our environmental impact and contribute to a greener planet.

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