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Al Safe Transport started trucking services in the emirates in 1976 and is today one of the prime trucking and transportation services provider in the Middle East. It's a service delivery and reputation built with over 2 decades of experience and reliability. Today Al Safa Transports service delivery covers the Emirates, GCC and Levant region. We are always striving to improve ourselves and providing the best benefits and services to our customers. The management of Al Safa Transports is keen to implement and maintain an Integrated Management System complaint to ISO 9001:2008, 14001:2004 & OHSAS 18001:2007 standard requirements and other applicable legal requirements.

Al Safe Transports shall strive to continually improve the effectiveness of its Integrated Management System by consistently reviewing its IMS objectives and IMS policy for continuing suitability.

The Management of Al Safa Transports ensures this policy is well communicated, understood, implemented and maintained throughout the organization. The key objects of our company policy are:

  • Compliance with all relevant Industry Standards, Laws and Regulations.

  • Ensuring that the necessary Competent Personnel, State of the art infrastructure and equipment are in place to service the Business Needs of the Company.

  • Providing Adequate Information, Training and Supervision to ensure a well-trained competent workforce adopting best industry practices.

  • Setting and reviewing effective and measurable objectives and targets for continual improvement.

  • Provide a safe and healthy environment in order to ensure safe working conditions to prevent injury and ill health of all company employees and other interested parties, by defining Health / Safety Process, Objectives, Procedures, Communications and Delegation of Duties and Responsibilities.

Al Safa Transport - To be the transportation services provider of choice in the sector.

Al Safa Transport - To be a leader in the regional transportation industry, welcoming and implementing innovations and new ideas. Ensuring that the whole delivery process of goods through Al Safe Transport is hassle free, safe and most convenient for customers. Striving to be the one window option for all transportation needs.

Work Policy Document
LABOUR STANDARDS (Treatment of workers)

1 – Al Safa Transport employees must comply with local UAE laws, and all drivers must comply with the local laws of the country they are driving into. Any employee who engages in any behavior or action which is against UAE laws or their host GCC country law will be fully held responsible for his actions by himself, with no liability on Al Safa Transport.

2 – During peak summer months i.e July and August no outside uncovered work will be done between 12:30 pm and 3:30 pm (As per UAE Ministry of Labor instructions)

3 – All employees in the terminal and drivers during driving must comply with Health & Safety standards set by the company.

4 – Employees daily work time will be 8 hours maximum.

5 – Any employee must follow the instructions by his appointed supervisor and in case of grievance should immediately notify his manager.

6 – Monthly wages for all employees will be paid up to the 15th of every month.

7 – In exceptional cases if any employee needs needs advance salary, such will be approved by the responsible manager.

8 – No employee should use any harsh language with each other or any visitor to Al Safa Transport premises or at any customers premises. In the event of any wrong behavior the employee at fault will be terminated immediately without notice and will be taken through the legal process if required.

9 – If any employee has any complain or suggestion of any kind he should notify his manager in charge immediately or leave his remarks at the reception suggestion box. Employees giving valuable suggestions will be rewarded.

10 – Al Safa Transport constantly monitors employees performance, will continue to do so, and will take decisions regarding employees based on their performance.

11 – Al Safa Transport shall always strive to improve its labour standards, and welcomes inputs and suggestions from all employees.

- All employees working for Al Safa Transport must be on the sponsorship of Al Safa Transport, or its sister company Monaco Transport.

- All employees will have labour contracts attested by UAE Ministry of Labour at time of joining.

1 - Al Safa Transport will not employ children on its premises or on any job undertaken by Al Safa Transport at any location.

2 – Al Safa Transport will not do business with any supplier or customer who is using underage / child labour.

3 If any prospective or ongoing supplier or customer is found to be using child labour not only will the relationship be terminated immediately, the authorities concerned will be notified.

4 – Any driver at any loading or unloading point anywhere in Middle East region must not accept the services of a child during loading or offloading, regardless of the delay it causes for any number of hours or days.

5 – All employees of Al Safa Transport, as per their respective professions and job designations will be of the ages permitted by UAE labour laws.


1 – Al Safa Transport does not discriminate in hiring or firing any employees with regards to their race, colour, ethnicity, religion or physical disability.

2 – Any employee joining Al Safa Transport has to go through the mandatory medical fitness test of UAE government law. If he fails that he will not be hired.


1 – Al Safa Transport employees shall comply with local laws regarding health & safety of the employee and work procedures. No work at any site should breach local Health & Safety laws and the person at fault shall be held responsible.

2 – All employees should follow the Health & Safety guidelines briefed to them by the company at the terminal and at any work site.

Company Health & Safety policy includes the below:-
- No flammable item to be taken near any combustive source, including any electrical wires, welding tools.

- Do not bring in or use petrol anywhere in the terminal.

- If there is fire in any place in the terminal, immediately notify your colleagues in the terminal and call the emergency number, do not place yourself at risk, and move to the assembly point.

- Not employing any equipment or working in such a way that endangers any persons safety or damages any equipment, using machines & tools safely.

- Taking personal care when walking around moving vehicles / reversing trailers.

- Wearing PPE’s as and where required.

- Not lifting any box etc without having safety shoes.

- Smoking only in designated places.

- Ensuring that when jack is used, it should be 100 % safe.

- When trucks cabins are lifted up, ensuring that the cabin does not come down ( Extra rod should be placed to hold the cabin securely )

- No hazardous chemical is to be brought inside the terminal without notifying the supervisor in charge and HSE officer.

3 – Employees performance will be monitored with regards to company HSE policy. Any employee going against company H & S policy shall be responsible for his actions, and carelessness or negligence on part of an employee will result in termination and necessary action.

4 – Al Safa Transport continuously looks forward to further improvements in Health & Safety field.

1 – Al Safa Transport requires all suppliers to comply with UAE local laws with regards to Health & Safety, business dealings & work ethics.

2 – Al Safa Transport will not deal with any supplier who does not comply with any of the above.


1 – Al Safa Transport requires all employees, suppliers and stake holders to comply with UAE national laws with regards to business dealings & practices.

Al Safa Transport business practice standards are :-
- Al Safa Transport shall pay the suppliers in agreed time.

- Al Safa Transport shall pay employees at agreed time.

- Al Safa Transport will hire employees on merit and professionalism basis.

- Quotes & proposals provided to Al Safa Transport by any supplier shall be kept confidential and any information of them will not be discussed with any other supplier.

- Al Safa Transport welcomes free and fair competition from any supplier, and will also follow the same in its business transactions.

- Auditors will be provided transparent access without hindrance in their work.

- Al Safa Transport shall not follow business growth ideas on risky foundations, such as excessive loans.


1 – Al Safa Transport strongly prohibits any employee from involving in any kind of corruption, fraud or bribery, directly or indirectly.

2 – Any sort of bribery payment by employees or stakeholders is strictly prohibited.

3 – All employees and stakeholders are encouraged to inform the directors in case of any information regarding any employee or stake holder engaging in any corruption practice.

4 – Al Safa Transport will deal with customers fairly and professionally, and under no circumstances any bribery, benefit or advantage, or the like will be offered to any customer or their intermediary / representative.

- If any employee, supplier or stakeholder is found involved in any kind of corruption, fraud or bribery practice not only will Al Safa Transport immediately cease to work with the person or party involved, the matter will be forwarded to the legal authorities without delay.


1 – All employees and stakeholders must comply with local laws pertaining to environment care.

2 – Al Safa Transport fully encourages and recommends segregation of all office and workshop waste and the forwarding of the segregated waste to the official waste management & recycling service providers in Sharjah i.e Beea’h.

3 - Separate bins for general waste, paper waste, e-waste, and aluminum cans/bottles have been provided in the office and the terminal, and all employees and visitors are strictly encouraged to dispose garbage accordingly. Terminal cleaning staff / HSE officers and supervisors will ensure for the same also.

4 – Terminal cleaning staff under supervision of HSE officer will ensure to maintain hygiene and cleanliness in the workers rooms, toilets and canteens.

5 – The labor rooms will be regularly ( Approximately quarterly ) inspected and cleaned by the approved supplier for Pest control services.

6 - No waste burning or any hazardous chemical burning shall be done in the terminal.

7 – Filters have been placed on all water taps in the terminal and office. All employees and visitors are strictly encouraged to conserve water usage.

8 – In the workshop, the used oil & filters and any other hazardous material should be placed in the designated containers for further processing.

9 – All company vehicles undergo mandatory yearly checking at UAE traffic departments which also check the emission levels, however during routine operations the HSE officer and work shop supervisor shall make sure that no vehicle has excess emissions or such leakages that are a hazard.

10 – Employees performance will be reviewed with regards to company environment policy. If any the management learns of any employee unnecessarily wasting water, or disregarding the waste segregation signs, or doing any actions which contradicts with this policy and has a negative impact on the environment in any way, such undisciplined actions might affect the concerned persons career.

11 – Al Safa Transport welcomes suggestions from all stake holders to help us reduce our environmental impact as a transportation business, and contribute to a greener planet.





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